Strategic Learning. Organizational Change.

We develop sustained learning experiences that help connect your employees to their authentic selves, their team, organization and environment. Our innovative scaled learning and education programs allow users to recognize relevancy and see a pathway to practice, fail, and improve.

Using an intuitive, mobile-enabled delivery platform empowers employees to organically integrate learning into their daily workflow. From instructor-led workshops to enterprise-wide eLearning programs, we deliver scalable, measurable, and customized experiences to help your organization affect culture change, leadership, and D&I goals.

What we do
  • Outcome-based Strategic Thinking and Processes
  • Learning and Culture Changes Strategies
  • Content Development and Design
  • Instructor-led and eLearning Programs
  • Chunked Learning and Messaging Reinforcement Tools
  • Global Scaled Learning Delivery

Our Approach

Recognize and leverage what works.  There are reasons successful organizations are successful. Identifying the core values and success strategies that have served the organization well is a necessary step to identifying any change or learning approach.

Messaging is not learning.  Just because a message is communicated well has little bearing on an adult’s ability to apply this message in any real or substantive way. Learning requires an adult to recognize relevancy and a pathway to practice, fail and improve.

Take 2 steps back.  Wherever you think your organization is regarding understanding and learning, take two steps back, and that’s where they likely are... it’s critical to meet people where they are and progress from there.

Simple is best.  Although tempting to include as many concepts as possible, we help our clients maintain a focus on core learning objectives that are foundational to changing minds, hearts and hands to accomplish the highest organizational priorities.

Challenge and reinforce.  Behavioral change only comes when a clear need is identified and is immediately relevant to the individual.

Whether your learning needs include in-class training or a scaled virtual experience, L+C Learning can customize an approach to help you reach your people development and D&I goals.