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We have great news! You can now be found at

That's right, as of today, you have a new email address: It's easy. It's clear. It's direct. It's where you, your customers, your partners and your friends would expect you to be found.

What do you need to do? What do you need to know? Roll over the boxes below (or click if you're on a mobile device) and all will be revealed. We're pretty excited about this simple, yet powerful change. We hope you are, too!

Q: Who is getting a new email address?

A: All SunPower employees and contractors who currently have a email

Q. What’s my new email address?

A: is our new standard email address. Some people prefer and that will work too.

Q: Will the system use the name I go by or my given name?

A: Your email address will use the same name you use now—e.g., if your given name is Joseph, but you use Joe in your current email, that is the name that will be used for your new email address.

Q: Is there anything I need to do, like order new business cards?

A: Please don't order new business cards until you use up the ones you have. Your email will still work.

Do update your email signature with your new address.

Everything else is automatic.

Q: Which email do I use to login to various applications?

A: Most SunPower applications require your login credentials and not email. This will not change (e.g. firstinitiallastname). For applications that use your email address for login, continue to use your existing login.

Q: When does this go into effect?

A: Immediately. Your new email is already working!

Q: When will the old email address go away?

A: Never, so you don’t have to worry about missing an important email and you can use all your existing business cards before ordering more. When you refer to our company’s web site or email, you should use the new

Q: When I send email and copy other people at SunPower, Outlook uses their email address. Should I let them know so this can be changed?

A: No need – this is an implementation choice we made for ease and speed and it won’t impact the sending or receipt of email.

Q: What about my mobile device?

A: There’s nothing you need to do differently, the new email address will work automatically.

Q: My iPhone seems to be deleting and reloading all my email

A: When your new email goes into use, your phone with automatically clear and then reload the local device copies of your downloaded email. This will happen quickly and won’t impact your service or access to email.

Q: Is the website address changing?

A: Yes, our new website url is

Q: I have a question, where do I go for answers?

A: Contact the helpdesk for assistance.